Decision-makers, leaders and most of the upscale market live in a very competitive and challenging environment. These people need to monitor not just the local scene but to also be updated with the latest events around the world. SkyCable delivers on this need by offering pay TV that features leading foreign news and entertainment programs to expand their knowledge and complement local viewing.

Ensuring that viewers will have a link to the cable programs abroad, SkyCable anticipated the advent of digitalization and moved to digitalize 100% of its cable TV services. Investing in digital set-top boxes for existing and potential subscribers, SkyCable introduced another first - the EPG or electronic program guide to all cabled households. This allowed viewers to enjoy greater value from their paid cable subscription by surfing through program highlights, summaries and schedules through their remote controls. Subscribers are better informed to decide what programs they want to watch at a particular time. SkyCable also started offering high-definition content through pay-per-view packages like boxing matches and Disney premieres which provided paying viewers a sense of being first-class.

Filipinos like to reward themselves for their hard work and SkyCable's prepaid kits allow them to extend the reward to the whole family at a less expensive rate than watching a movie in the mall. SkyCable Silver and Select Prepaid were introduced to address the price sensitivities of this market to help them realize their aspirations of having a premium product at home. Silver Prepaid allows viewers to watch over 50 channels for 3, 15 or 30 days while Select offers a smaller but balanced channel line-up for longer periods of time from 5 up to 360 days.

Further expanding its reach to the Filipino home, SkyCable also began offering broadband internet and telephone services in the country. Dubbed Sky Broadband, the broadband internet service boasts of the highest speeds that can run as much as 4x faster than any other residential DSL offered locally. Subscribers can enjoy faster surfing, downloading of data and even uploading and sharing of pictures on the Internet.

Sky Voice provides telephone service through the same cable line that delivers cable TV and broadband internet. Subscribers can now call their loved ones overseas for a fixed monthly rate, protecting them from the fluctuations of the peso-dollar exchange rate. At only Php0.40 to Php0.88 per minute, subscribers can place a call to any of the 21 countries available in the service.

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