Challenged by a dwindling audience base and intense competition from alternative new media technologies, ABS-CBN Radio remained resilient by introducing innovation and change while remaining true to DZMM-AM's core of public service and DWRR-FM's promise of wholesome entertainment.

Staying true to its mission of Una sa Balita, Una sa Public Service (First in News, First in Public Service), DZMM Radyo Patrol works hard to be the first to break major news stories. The strength of its Radyo Patrol team of field reporters ensured that the listening public will hear about events and developments first on DZMM. Armed with a dedication for truth and public service, DZMM Radyo Patrol will face even the most dangerous situations to make sure that the public is equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of the country's most important events and issues.

DZMM has fought and continues to fight for what is right. Its roster of assertive and hard-hitting commentators never let any societal issue or political controversy be swept under the rug. Never intimidated nor easily dismissed, DZMM stands up as the voice of the people. DZMM's Aksyon Ngayon Center empowers people, no matter how small they see themselves to be, to be heard and compel the government for action and change.

Breaking the barriers of the traditional radio booth, DZMM's daring but successful venture in cable television, Teleradyo, has expanded its reach by tapping a new audience base. It has gradually climbed in viewership among cable TV channels and has surpassed foreign news powerhouses such as CNN and BBC in the Philippines. Through Teleradyo and online technology, DZMM has made public service available to viewers here and abroad.

DWRR 101.9 For Life elicits fun and camaraderie through new interactive programming, an appealing line-up of disk jockeys, and strong affinity with its listeners. By also introducing new touch points, DWRR reached out to a much younger audience, proving that music spans generations.

DWRR remains one of Mega Manila's leading FM stations in terms of listenership. In an area where there are more than two dozen FM radio stations, DWRR consistently ranks in the top 3 banking on its appealing line-up of DJs and strong affinity with its listeners.

These successful elements of ABS-CBN's radio business have sustained the lofty positions held by its leading AM and FM stations in Mega Manila. These same elements have also translated into dominance in almost all key cities across the archipelago.

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